Arrival by car

From Vienna and Graz

Motorway A2 travelling towards Italy – leave the Motorway at the exit signed Klagenfurt Flughafen and follow the road signs. The airport is approximately 1km from the Motorway exit.

From Salzburg, Udine and Villach

Motorway A2 travelling towards Vienna – leave the Motorway at the exit signed Klagenfurt Flughafen, and follow the road signs. The airport is located about 600m away from the exit. (Caution: the exit lane to Klagenfurt Flughafen begins already inside the Ehrenthalerberg Tunnel, be sure not to miss it!)

For your Navigation-System

Klagenfurt Airport
Flughafenstraße 60-64, 9020 Klagenfurt

Arrival by bus

Comfortable and quick services are available to the airport

The main bus stop at the airport can be found just outside the arrivals hall.

Detailed information can be found on the website of KLAGENFURTER STADTWERKE

Arrival by train

Klagenfurt lies on both the South and the Tauern Railway Lines which give easy connections to Bruck/Mur & Vienna and also to Villach and Salzburg. The journey time between Klagenfurt main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and Klagenfurt Annabichl (nearest stop to the airport) is just 5 minutes. There is a train to Annabichl from the main railway station in Klagenfurt approximately every 30 minutes and it is just 7 minutes walk to the airport from the station at Annabichl.

Due to the improved system of the S-Bahn rail network, Airport Klagenfurt is accessible by low cost public transport tickets. From the train station in Klagenfurt Annabichl it is just 7 minutes walk to the airport. The routemap can be found in the download section below.

Airport and Railway-shuttle


Arrival by Taxi

A taxi stand can be found directly outside the Arrivals Hall. Taxis can also be arranged & pre-booked under the following telephone numbers:

Taxi Klagenfurt:

+43 (0) 463 31 111 


+43 (0) 463 31 111

Taxi 23.222 Klagenfurt:

+43 (0) 463 23 222

Taxi 22277:

+43 (0) 463 222 77

Taxi Funkkette:

+43 (0) 463 28 11 11

Taxi Wastian:

+43 (0) 664 350 5986

Ataman Taxi KG:

+43 (0) 660 544 6456

Limousinenservice Klagenfurt:

+43 (0) 676 92 333 84


+43 (0) 463 890 123

Car Rental

Car Rental

Rental cars can be obtained from the companies listed below. The offices of these companies can be found in the Car Rental Center which is outside the arrivals hall, 15 metres to the right.. For further information and prices please contact the companies directly.

Europcar Österreich

Airport Klagenfurt Office

+43 (0) 1 866 1690 oder +43 (0) 664 825 8745

International Reservations 

Contact Details for Business Customers

Tel.:  +43 (0) 1 866 16 1631

Megadrive Autovermietung GmbH / Buchbinder-Rent-a-Car/Global Rent-a-Car

Buchbinder-Rent-a-Car/Global Rent-a-Car:

+43 (0)507010 46900


+43 (0)50105 4140
International Reservations 24hr +43 (0) 50105 4050


+43 (0)463 55938
+43 (0)463 504032


+43 (0)463 56147
International Reservations +43 (0) 800 201 111


Car Rental Terminal – Avis Counter
+43 (0) 463 55938
+43 (0) 463 504032 (Fax)
Nationale Reservierungen:


+43 (0) 463 420 640
+43 (0) 810 977 800
+43 (0) 463 420 639 (Fax)



There are two main car parks at the airport offering a total of 400 car parking places.

The first 15 minutes parking are free of charge!

Hourly rate

up to 1h
up to 2h
up to 3h
up to 4h
up to 5h
up to 6h
up to 7h
up to 8h
up to 9h
up to 10h
TARIF/€ - Car Park 1
TARIF/€ - Car Park 2

Every further hour, or part thereof, will be charged at 2,00 €!

Daily maximum rate:


Daily rate

1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
4 Days
5 Days
6 Days
7 Days
30 Days
31 Days
TARIF/€ - Car Park 1
TARIF/€ - Car Park 2

Each extra day will be charged at €15,00 per day

Weekly rate (Prepayment)

1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
every additional week
TARIF/€ - Car Park 1
TARIF/€ - Car Park 2
If you choose the “prepayment” option before you depart from Airport Klagenfurt, you will get the reduced price for parking.

Parking Restrictions

By the taking of a parking ticket you are entering into a contract for an unspecified period of time for the parking of a vehicle with no administrative liability of the Airport Authority.

The Airport Authority also accepts no responsibility for any damage to any vehicles parked in these designated areas.

The Airport Authority only accepts responsibility for any damage caused directly by employees of the Airport Authority and no other. Conditions of Parking are displayed at the Entrance to all car parks. If you do not accept these conditions of Parking please leave the car parks within 5 minutes of entering. Conditions of Parking are strictly applied and applied to all car parking facilities.

Lost Parking Ticket

Should you lose your parking ticket, please present
your flight ticket or tour operator holiday details to the Airport Information Desk. A fee will be charged for the lost coin.

Additional Information

At Airport Klagenfurt there are approximately 400 parking spaces available to passengers, which are spread over two car parks. When entering the car park each guest receives a parking ticket. This can either be paid at one of the two parking machines, or you also have the opportunity to pay parking fees in the GAC (General Aviation Center). Upon departure the parking ticket can then be put into the machine at the barrier in order to exit the car park. It is not possible to pay at the barrier when exiting the car park.

In total, there are two parking machines at Airport Klagenfurt. A parking machine is located at the entrance to the departure hall. The second parking machine is located in the arrivals area.

Carinthia Transfer

Carinthia Transfer

Collective transfers from and to Airport Klagenfurt

Kärnten Transfer will bring you straight to your holiday destination for cheap price per capita.There are matched collective transfers with every flight from Eurowings. Additionally, every Saturday all other flights from and to Airport Klagenfurt will be served with a cheap price for every customer.

Single transfers

You can book a single transfer too, which will bring you from Airport Klagenfurt or different train stations to your prefered destination in and around Carinthia (including Slovenia, Friuli, Styria, Tyrol, Salzburg). Transfers can be booked online.



Electric charging point

In cooperation with „Lebensland Kärnten“ Airport Klagenfurt has expanded the network of public electric charging points for e-vehicles. Two designated areas are available to charge your e-vehicle and are at your disposal within the airport car park 1. „Lebensland Kärnten“ represents an expert partner for Airport Klagenfurt in the area of e-mobility. This guarantees that the required energy is generated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Operations Manual.



Baggage Lockers at Airport Klagenfurt are situated outside the main arrivals door next to the Car Rental Center.

Large: 6 Lockers
1. Day
€ 4,–
2. – 28. Day
each € 3,–
Small: 12 Lockers
1. Day
€ 3,–
2. – 28. Day
each € 2,–

AUSTRIAN Service Center

AUSTRIAN Service Center

+43 (0) 517 66 1000 Monday to Sunday 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

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Carinthia Tourism Transfer

Carinthia Tourism Transfer

With the Carinthia Tourism Transfer you can go directly from Airport Klagenfurt to your prefered destination. For example, central station Villach or selected airports around Klagenfurt are in the bookable area.

Every customer can choose between different transfers. If you need disability access, they can offer you a transfer, where you can enter the vehicle even with an electric wheelchair.