Avisafe Security & Service GmbH

A company of Kärntner Flughafen Betriebs GmbH

As a company of Kärntner Flughafen Betriebs GmbH, Avisafe Security&Service GmbH is responsible for services such as terminal services, parking, cleaning, security and passenger checks, security services, check-in, catering, etc. both at the airport and externally. We now have a total of about 140 employees at our location in Klagenfurt.

For general information please contact office@avisafe.at.


Security services

  • Aviation Security
  • X-Ray Operations
  • Event Services
  • Property Protection
  • Mobile Services
  • VIP Services
  • Front Desk Services
  • Parking Management
  • Messenger services

Michael Stonitsch
Tel: +43 463 41500 361
E-mail: michael.stonitsch@avisafe.at



  • Personal assistance for passengers on departure and arrival
  • VIP support for general aviation customers
  • Departure and arrival coordination
  • Baggage acceptance and document control
  • Handling of baggage irregularities

Jelena Tatic
Tel: +43 463 41500 220
E-mail: jelena.tatic@avisafe.at



  • Supervision of the Bistro "Gravity
  • Supervision of the Duty Free Shop & Bistro in the gate area
  • VIP Catering

Dana Vetter
Tel: +43 463 41500 216
E-mail: dana.vetter@avisafe.at