Check-in Area


To be able to board the flight that you have booked, please either check-in online or at your airlines check-in counter. To check-in you will require your ticket, your valid ID-card or a valid passport as well as possibly a visa depending on the country you are travelling to. Please note that with most airlines airport check-in incurs a fee.

Check-In Times:

(we recommend that you inquire about the official final Check-in times in advance from your airline)


Check-In opens 90min (60min for OS944) before departure
Final Check-In: 30min before departure (business passengers); 45min before departure (Economy-Passagiere)



Check-In opens: 120min before departure
Final Check-In: 40min before departure


Check-In opens: 120min before departure
Final Check-In: 30min before departure

Hand luggage:

Please ask your airline about hand luggage weights and regulations.

Dangerous Articles:

It is not permitted to take dangerous articles (such as pocketknives, nailfiles, scissors, etc.) with you in your hand luggage. For information concerning the usage of elictrical items on board the aircraft, please contact the cabin crew:

Your baggage has not arrived at the airport or has been damaged?

At the Lost & Found Office of your relevant airline you will get quick and easy help. You will find the Lost & Found Office for all airlines operating from Klagenfurt in the main baggage arrivals area.


+43 (0) 5 1766-1087

Accessible travel

Before departure:

Please contact the relevant Airline before departure with any questions you may have concerning special assistance.

(Any particular requirements you may have should be made known at the time of booking.)

Austrian Airlines:

Tel.: +43 (0) 5 1766 1000


Tel.: +43 (0) 463 41500 211
Fax.: +43 (0) 463 41500 356

Outside the Terminal Building:

Disabled parking spaces are available immediately in front of the terminal building main entrance for easy access. (Distance to the main entrance – 5 metres)

In the Terminal Building:

Toilets and washrooms can be found in the arrivals hall, departure hall and in the foyer of the security area, as well in the foyer of AIS/ARO & MET
Telephones can be found just outside the Arrivals Hall

Access to Aircraft:

Bus transport is available to and from the aircraft. For assistance in boarding the aircraft itself, airport staff are available. (Please make your requirements known at the time of booking to the airline concerned).

Web Check-In Service:

With the Web-Check-In you can already check in on the internet site of your airline before your departure. Airlines such as AUSTRIAN, EUROWINGS and RYANAIR/LAUDAMOTION offer you this service. Please visit the homepage of your airline.

The Airport Information Desk staff are happy to help you with further questions between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m. (Telephone number +43 (0)463 41500-0)

Liquids in your hand luggage

All passengers are advised to familiarize themselves with the new EU-restrictions concerning the amount and kind of liquids allowed to be carried in their hand luggage. New rules are in effect from 31st January 2014.