Current behavioral measures (COVID-19) for passengers at Airport Klagenfurt!

All passengers arriving at Airport Klagenfurt, whether on a scheduled or private flight, must complete a Declaration of Entry/Transit to Austria. (Erklärung zur Einreise/Durchreise nach Österreich). You can save time on arrival by printing out the form using the link below and completing it before landing. Every person older than 16 years of age must fill out a form. Parents must fill in a form for all children under 16 years of age. The completed forms must be handed to the authorities before leaving the airport.

Download pdf-Document (English-Version):

Declaration of entry - Airport Klagenfurt

As the entry and exit regulations for Austria are constantly changing, please use the following links to obtain up-to-date information.


For entry into Austria:

For travel abroad from Austria:

You can also obtain up-to-date travel information from your airline, please also visit their website.