at Klagenfurt Airport

At Klagenfurt Airport, around 400 parking spaces are available to passengers and visitors in parking lots 1 and 2. No advance reservation is necessary/possible.

Parking Rates

Free parking for the first 30 minutes!



Hourly rate

Parking time Rates for parking lots 1 and 2
up to 1 hour EUR 2,00
up to 2 hours EUR 3,50
up to 3 hours EUR 5,00
up to 4 hours EUR 7,00
up to 5 hours EUR 9,00
up to 6 hours EUR 11,00
up to 7 hours EUR 13,00
up to 8 hours EUR 15,00
up to 9 hours EUR 17,00
up to 10 hours Daily maximum
24 hours Daily maximum: EUR 18,00

Daily rate

Parking time Rates for parking lots 1 and 2
1 day EUR 18,00
2 days EUR 21,00
3 days EUR 29,00
4 days EUR 38,00
5 days EUR 45,00
each additional day EUR 15,00

Weekly rate (prepayment)

If you pay in advance before departure, you will receive the reduced fare at the car park ticket machine (within 30 minutes from entry).

Parking time Rates for parking lots 1 and 2
1 week EUR 54,00
2 weeks EUR 58,00
3 weeks EUR 74,00
4 weeks EUR 86,00
each additional week EUR 20,00

Parking conditions

With us, you park for free for the first 30 minutes. During this time, you can exit directly and there is no need to go to the pay machine.

When a parking ticket is purchased, a rental agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time for the use of a parking space without any special obligation on the part of the airport operating company to keep the parking space safe.

The airport operating company is not liable for damages caused by third parties, force majeure or natural events.

The airport operating company is only liable for damage if it can be proven that it was caused by the airport operating company or its personnel. Any further liability is expressly excluded. In the event of non-acceptance of the conditions, the parking space may be vacated within 30 minutes. The posted parking regulations must be strictly observed!

The StVO applies to the entire parking lot!

Loss of parking ticket

If you lose your parking ticket, please present your flight ticket or travel agency documents to the security service (+43 664 82 67 927) as proof of your entry into the car park. In addition to the parking fee, a € 5.00 loss fee will be charged!

Long-term parking

Secure your special offer now and save time and money on long-term parking:

Take advantage of our special long-term parking offers now. Avoid a time-consuming payment process and travel stress-free with a guaranteed parking space:

  • Guaranteed free parking space
  • Quick entry and exit
  • Save money with fixed prices (company promotions)
  • Simple cancellation at the end of the minimum term

Monthly pass:
P1: 89.00 €
P2: 65.00 €
Minimum subscription period 3 months.

Annual pass:
P1: 979.00 €
P2: 715.00 €

The contract period for long-term parking cards commences on the date of issue.

Please send enquiries directly to

Parking & Charging

Together with Stadtwerke Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt Airport has expanded its network of public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Two marked areas with connections for charging e-vehicles are available directly at the P1 customer parking lot.