The heart of Europe

With the headquarters of the European Union, the Belgian capital is not only the capital of Europe and the seat of the Belgian king, but has more to offer than many think.

The central meeting point of the city is the Grand-Place - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful squares in the world.  Framing the Grand-Place are majestic guild houses, most of which date from the 17th century. The Brussels City Hall, built in the early 15th century (1402), dominates the overall architectural picture.

Culinary Brussels

Brussels is considered a mecca for gourmets and the whole of Belgium is particularly famous for its fine chocolate. So it's no surprise that every path through the city  leads past many stores of chocolatiers. Another highlight for sweet tooths are the Belgian waffles, which are typically served with fruit or chocolate.

Had enough sweets? Then it's best to head straight to the famous French fries stalls, where you can get the popular snack served in paper cones. A more noble variation is the moules frites - that is, mussels with fries -  in the city's countless gourmet restaurants.

In addition to culinary delights, drinking also plays a major role in Belgium. After all, there are no less than 1,000 types of beer to be sampled here.


The Manneken Pis is Brussels' landmark. The famous fountain figure, only 61 cm tall, is also known as the "little man urinating" or "le Petit Julien" and dates back to 1650. The world-famous bronze statue of a boy peeing stands in the Rue de l'Etuve and is one of the oldest statues in Brussels. Depending on the event, it is dressed accordingly, for example in a jersey of the Belgian national soccer team or on World AIDS Day with condoms. The clothes already worn by the statue can be seen in the adjacent museum.

Direct flights from Klagenfurt to Brussels-Charleroi

The Irish airline Ryanair connects Klagenfurt every Wednesday and Saturday directly to Brussels (CRL).

Brussels South Airport - Charleroi is connected to the center of Brussels by shuttle buses, the journey time is 55 minutes; tickets from EUR 5,-- are best booked online.