Capital of the Emerald Isle

Welcome to Dublin - the capital city that is as cozy as a village and as friendly as a typical Irish pub.

Besides the famous pubs, however, the city on the east coast of Ireland has so much more to offer. For visitors, Dublin holds plenty of sights, history, culture and the many Celtic artifacts and remains from prehistoric times.

The friendly capital of Ireland offers hospitality, fun and interesting sights. A city full of traditions and history, but not dusty. Educated, but not pretentious. Cool, but not out of touch. Dublin is a city of musicians and poets, whose songs and stories are everywhere in the local pubs and cafes, and can even be heard in the busy streets. An academic city full of museums, yet always ready for a glass of beer or two.

Sightseeing und Genuss

But charming Dublin also has depth that comes from its incredibly exciting history, which dates back more than 1,000 years.

Dublin Castle, for example, is located on the site where a Viking fortress was built in 930 A.D., and impresses with a foundation stone dating back to 1230. Its historical significance extends into the recent past, as it played a central role during the 1921 Easter Rising and was a court, fortress and place of execution under British rule.

The city's two grandiose cathedrals also bear witness to an eventful past: St. Patrick's Cathedral, dedicated to Ireland's national saint,  and Christ Church Cathedral, with its medieval crypt.

Ireland is a land of culinary delights that has cherished its traditions for generations - and the capital invites you on a tasty discovery tour.

Guinness, the famous "black stuff," is inseparable from the Irish soul. The black brew may be fknown all over the world today, but this slow-setting porter got its start at St. James's Gate in the heart of old Dublin. In 1759, an enterprising brewer named Arthur Guinness secured a lease for the brewery with an annual rent of £45 for 9,000 years. Two centuries later, the Guinness Storehouse came into being.  It was built in the Chicago School of Architecture style in 1904 and was originally used as a fermentation house. Today it is Ireland's most visited attraction: an excellent multimedia exhibition of everything from retro advertising to the art of brewing beer.

Direkte Flüge von Klagenfurt nach Dublin

The Irish airline Ryanair connects Klagenfurt every Monday and Saturday directly with Dublin, starting November 2022.

From Dublin Airport, direct bus connections take you comfortably to the city center on the one hand, and to all regions of the Emerald Isle on the other.

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