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City of Superlatives

Rotterdam is a city with many faces: cool harbour city, trendy nightlife city, chic shopping city and hip artist city.

But Rotterdam is also first and foremost the architectural city of Holland, where modernisation is at the heart of everything and the skyline is constantly changing.

Harbour flair and mix of cultures

The port of Rotterdam is not only the largest port in Europe, but also one of the largest ports in the world. Rotterdam is home to the Maastoren (Maastower), the tallest residential or office skyscraper in the country. The "White House", the first skyscraper in Europe, is also located here.

Rotterdam is where you meet the big, wide world. A Spido boat is the best way to explore the port of Rotterdam - you can sail alongside the cutters, cruise ships and container ships. Mussels and fish are delicious in the historic Hotel New York, where tens of thousands of emigrants used to sail from Rotterdam to America. And in the evening, Rotterdam's restaurants invite you to try all the cuisines of the world.


Rotterdam inspires

Rotterdam has so many entertaining, exciting and beautiful things to offer that it's hard to choose. Should it be a culinary stroll through the fascinating Markthal, the largest covered market hall in Holland? Or to one of the cube houses, which look like cubes standing on a spire? Fortunately, Rotterdam also has countless pubs and cafés where you can take a break from sightseeing with a refreshing drink and a snack.

Direct flights from Klagenfurt to Rotterdam

The Dutch airline TRANSAVIA  will be connecting Klagenfurt directly with Rotterdam/The Hague for a period of two weeks, from 21 January to 4 February. The flight days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

From Rotterdam Airport it is only 20 minutes by public bus to the city centre.

On Rotterdam Info you can find useful and interesting information for planning your holiday.

From Rotterdam you can reach the central station in Amsterdam in just under 45 minutes, details of this train connection can be found here.


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